Your perfectly manicured lawn is bullshit.

I’m awakened by the persistent hum of our neighbor’s lawn mower. The gentle scent of grass is soothing, a reminder that the weekend is just beginning.

Growing up, I always enjoyed when people mowed their lawn. I found the Pavlovian association with Saturday mornings incredibly cathartic.

In actuality, they kind of suck. Lawn initially existed so you could see potential enemies approaching your castle to attack.

But, Gary, across the street, isn’t about to charge your driveway and fuck your shit up, making them a little less than practical in present day.

An outdated status symbol

Those who had lawns had something worth protecting and could afford the time and monetary investment involved in maintaining their lawn.

By dedicating the use of a large area of land solely to aesthetic purposes, you’re forgoing the opportunity to monetize the space.

Maintenance is shitty for the environment.

From water wasted for no purpose to the water pollution from chemical fertilizers & pesticides, and even further, the air pollution from lawn mowers, edgers, and blowers, keeping your lawn perfectly manicured comes with an onslaught of drawbacks.

The EPA estimates gas-powered lawn and garden equipment is responsible for a whopping 5% of our air pollution. One hour of mowing the lawn with a gas-powered lawn mower emits 11 times more pollution than driving a car for the same hour.

Not to mention all the packaging associated with lawn care materials and lawn trimmings, all of which goes to landfill.

What can you do?

While traditional lawn care strategies are less-than-optimal for the environment, you have options.

  • Instead of raking post-mow, leave your grass clippings. They decompose into the soil and make chemical fertilizers unnecessary.
  • Avoid gas-powered lawn maintenance equipment and explore electric and battery-powered lawn care equipment instead.
  • Conserve water and use rainwater instead. Although rain, alone, might not be enough for your lawn, you can harvest rainwater and store it in drums for future use.
  • Consider hardscaping. Instead of grass, build a desert or rock scene, which requires no maintenance.

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