Why Leeward Gives Back

In my blog about falling in love with your company, I discussed how people should encourage their companies to give back. Leeward does tons of community give back, but if your company isn’t currently, it can be hard to get started!

Community outreach and giving back is our main marketing investment. We make connections through our outreach and are able to reach potential customers. We also wind up in the news quite a bit for everything we are doing.

Leeward does outreach in areas of our expertise. We do a lot of volunteering in technology and business education spaces. Volunteering allows us to bring our expertise to young students and demonstrate our skills and industry knowledge for the community.

Leeward gives back because it helps us get noticed and it feels good to do good.

We are overwhelmingly excited that we get to have an impact on the education of young individuals. Getting to introduce young girls to coding through Girl Scouts, children who don’t have home access to a computer to computer science concepts, and business skills to middle and high schoolers is beyond amazing.

Getting Started

It can be hard to get the ball rolling on volunteering — you need people to find opportunities to volunteer and people to support the volunteer efforts. Time and people are expensive, but you can justify increased volunteer efforts to your company as an investment in marketing and brand awareness.

Start by finding local companies who have programs going that could use help. Talk to your employees about this! Many might even have experience giving back in the past and being able to bring employee interests into the workplace can help boost engagement and retention.

We found a local STEM primary school that was looking to run a coding program. We were able to help them run the one-day program, then we came back to run an ongoing coding club.

These programs got us in the local paper and helped us start a relationship with the school. We came back that same summer to run a business program with them, were able to repeat the coding program, and are now running an ongoing computer science club.

Write up and share press releases for each outreach activity your company is participating in and make sure you are talking about your efforts. (Hubspot has a great article on how to do this with a template!) In addition, ask the organization you are helping to talk about it to continue to get the word out. This is how you increase your brand awareness and really utilize your community outreach as a marketing tool.

Overall, getting out and demonstrating your expertise and skills while helping the community is often far more beneficial than billboards or brochures because its relevant.

About Leeward Business Advisors

Leeward Business Advisors is a Wisconsin-based corporation that provides business strategy planning, business improvement implementation, and full IT operational support. They offer world class Cloud Computing services, Cloud brokerage, Managed IT services, and a full US based Support Service Desk (called Quick Answers). Michael Polzin, CEO has 20+ years of enterprise business and technology experience gained while working at Allstate Insurance and Microsoft Corporation. Jason Klein, CTO has 15+ years delivering effective and efficient technology to Midwest companies.



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