Fall in Love with Yourself Through Art

Cass Polzin
4 min readFeb 25, 2023

The season around Valentine’s Day is all about relationships with others, often romantic. However, the most important relationship you should prioritize this year is with yourself. Creating art can be a powerful way to reconnect with yourself, love yourself despite your flaws, and work through challenging emotions.

Why Be Your Own Valentine?

Everywhere you look this month, you’re probably inundated with relationships. From stores and restaurants pushing pricey Valentine’s gifts, to your friends posting photos of their significant other, it can be hard to escape.

Valentine’s Day can be stressful when you're in a relationship — you must find the perfect gift, plan the perfect date, write the most thoughtful card, and show off a picture-perfect relationship on social media. When you aren’t in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be downright gloomy.

Without being self-entitled, it can help to acknowledge how commercialized this holiday is. Stores are making tons off of those Valentine’s Day cards and overpriced candy. Meanwhile, the posts you see on social media rarely tell the full story. (Who posts about the latest fight they had with their significant other, after all?)

This year, consider foregoing the traditional approach to Valentine’s Day, and instead focusing on yourself. After all, your relationship with yourself is certainly the longest — and most important — you’ll ever have.

Take this opportunity to write yourself a few valentines. Don’t be afraid to get cheesy and highlight your best qualities! Why wait to get one from someone else when you can make yourself the card you always wanted to receive?

Just as words of affirmation can be helpful reminders of the best things about you, consider making yourself a few valentine’s cards this year. Put them up on your mirror, in your car, or in other spots you spend a lot of time. You’ll be reminded of a few reasons you’re so great whenever you come across them.

How Can Art Deepen Your Relationship with Yourself?

Sometimes it can be challenging to acknowledge that you can make mistakes or be inherently flawed and still be worthy of love.