Relationship vs. Help Desk Ticket

How You Can Create Lasting Relationships Instead of Single-Touch Transactions

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Just the phrase “customer support” brings back horrific flashbacks for most people. Why? Most people have had a terrible experience with a Help Desk or have tried to cancel their Comcast subscription. Most of the time, it is easier to blame the person you are speaking with, rather than recognize their help.

Since most people already have had a terrible customer service experience, that makes it even more important to get it right the first time. Unfortunately, everything is much harder for startups. They’re expected to do a lot, well, with very few resources. It can be difficult, but there are some definite benefits to making the investment.

Relationship vs. Transaction

A positive customer support experience can turn a purchase into an ongoing customer-provider relationship. Instead of just paying the invoices every month, these customers will come to your events, engage with you online, and likely refer you to their customers or friends. This will only happen if you start a relationship through customer service.

You can do this by checking up on the customer after the purchase to see if it has filled their needs, continue ongoing communication with the customer to understand how their needs are adapting/changing, and using a CRM system to send them notes about birthdays, business expansions, or other important events.

Learn from Data

Through customer support, you can build access to a lot of very important data that you can then grow from. You can learn how well solutions work for customers initially and ongoing. This allows you to adapt and continue to improve as a provider.

Creating Culture & Curating a Story

Creating positive customer service experiences creates a positive culture! A positive customer service experience is something people want to talk about (and will likely be ecstatic about). This can also help you curate a story for marketing based on customer experiences. Nothing is more rewarding than taking a potential failure, and turning it into a story about an experience you and a customer shared with a positive, managed outcome.


Still not sure about the return on customer service investments? HelpScout created this ebook with 75 customer service statistics. Start collecting data, and reviewing it to build out what is important to your organization. You may start tracking data today that will be immensely impactful, but won’t matter in the future- any data collection is a start.

Moral of the Story

You must talk with your customers constantly. Learn what they want to talk about, when they want to talk to you, who the ones that will talk to you about anything, and those that won’t talk to you ever. Your job as a business is to be open to communication, and facilitate it with those that may not engage with your business as much as they should. Customer service provides your business the greatest opportunity to capitalize on the work you do every day, but getting valuable access to some of the hardest information to obtain. Use this info to fortify every avenue of your organization.

About Leeward Business Advisors

Leeward Business Advisors is a Wisconsin-based corporation that provides business strategy planning, business improvement implementation, and full IT operational support. They offer world class Cloud Computing services, Cloud brokerage, Managed IT services, and a full US based Support Service Desk (called Quick Answers). Michael Polzin, CEO has 20+ years of enterprise business and technology experience gained while working at Allstate Insurance and Microsoft Corporation. Jason Klein, CTO has 15+ years delivering effective and efficient technology to Midwest companies.




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Cass Polzin

Cass Polzin

Gen Z Marketer Passionate About Communities

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