Call to Actions: You’re Doing them WRONG

What is a Call to Action?

CTAs can range from downloading an eBook (a great way to get contact information for someone you don’t yet know) to calling or filling out a form for more info (which gives you a defined reason to contact your prospect and helps you understand what they’re looking for).

CTAs could have very positive results- generating a lead, setting an appointment, or even a sale.

Why You Need a Call to Action

Elements of a Good Call to Action

· Limit their options

· Offer an incentive (often a free download)

· Make it visually pleasing and attention grabbing

· Make sure it stands out

· Provide an expectation on time

· Keep it interesting by using unique CTAs instead of generic “Subscribe”

Common Call to Action Mistakes to Avoid

Prospects should receive two choices at most — anything more forces them to make unnecessary decisions and makes it harder to advance the sales lifecycle. Providing a limited amount of choices also builds an environment where the prospect feels in control, while still allowing you to control the direction of the relationship.

2. Not showing value-add

Is the value a prospect gets from taking action being put on a call list? If the prospect doesn’t know that they’ll benefit from taking action, they are less likely to do anything.

3. No urgency

If there is no forced sense of urgency, prospects will likely pass it up. People are motivated to take action if they think they’re going to miss out.

4. No landing page on company website

The only thing worse than sending a prospect to a generic services or homepage instead of a landing page is giving them a broken link. Make sure your link works and send them where they need to be to take next steps.

5. No follow up

Once you have their information, now it’s your turn to take action. Following up with a prospect after they have downloaded an eBook, or submitted an online injury is your chance to show the prospect your listening skills. Have a conversation with that prospect about ONLY what they inquired about. People listen better about things they want to know! Having a sales tool like LeewardBA’s StratusCompass allows you to tailor your CRM database of customers to track things like product interests, to favorite sports teams. Using StratusCompass CRM can also enable your team to send automated birthday emails, gifts, and more.

6. No call to action

I think you understand this one…

Best Examples






These are just a couple examples…

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