6 Ways You’re Prohibiting Business Growth

If you’ve been trying to grow your business, but you still aren’t seeing any progress, you just might be your own worst enemy.

If you’re doing these, you might be prohibiting your own growth:

1.) You’re still using paper

Notebooks are great for taking notes in meetings or jotting down ideas you randomly have, but if they aren’t transferred to a CRM system or put into a process to actually be completed, they get lost. To tie in with that…

2.) You aren’t using a CRM system

It’s 2017! Having business cards lined up on your desk just won’t cut it anymore. And being afraid of making the jump into learning CRM isn’t an excuse anymore. Having a managed CRM system let’s you bring your team together and keep track of your prospects.

3.) You don’t have a follow up strategy

CRM can remind you to follow up, but what you do is mostly up to you. Create a strategy and enforce it in your system so your team can learn it. Don’t let valuable prospects fall out of your pipeline! Everyone you meet could be a prospect or a networking partner if you refine your follow up process.

4.) You don’t have a positive, ongoing relationship with people who are already customers

Often customers are in need of more services but they 1.) don’t know you offer them 2.) flat out forget about you. Continue to check in with your customers even after the sale is complete. Remind them you’re still around and learn about their business so you can be there to help when the opportunity arises.

5.) You don’t have an active web presence

Outdated website? No Facebook? Expired hours on Google? Good luck getting people to find you…and if they do, they probably will think your company isn’t legit or closed. Don’t be the weird kid that stays in on a Friday night, and don’t be the business that promotes an incorrect address or product catalog.

6.) You don’t welcome change

With growth comes change. If leaders and employees aren’t open to change, your business will be always be stagnant. Start small — like refreshing marketing material or something that isn’t permanent. Who knows, you may even like it.

Overall, you have to look to drive growth. Continue to innovate and stay on top of trends. Understand your marketing and your customers. Some growth opportunities will require a large investment of effort and studying. Others will require time to develop and their value to blossom.

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