5 Things Your 2018 Social Media Marketing Strategy NEEDS

2017 was all about video and the rise of live streaming. Influencer marketing soared. We saw the effects of “fake news” and Trump’s attack on the media. We also saw how the internet worked together to protest the loss of Net Neutrality.

  1. Paying for ads on Facebook. With Facebook’s everchanging algorithm, it’s harder than ever to get organic reach on Facebook.

Use Facebook’s Dynamic Creative feature for ads to find what works best for you. Like A/B testing on crack, it rotates photos used, button text, and copy to find the most successful combination to put in front of the right demographic at the right time.

Learn more about using Facebook Ads

2. Using LinkedIn. LinkedIn has made a slow, but steady climb to 500 million users over the past 14 years.

LinkedIn has introduced a surplus of features since it launched in 2003, which has helped it pivot toward a content-first platform that helps to amplify the voices of influencers. Merging their Pulse app made way for users to write articles and have them appear directly in the newsfeed. In August 2017, LinkedIn announced the introduction of video and thus far video has been performing extremely well (as in getting shared 20+ times more than any other content).

Start sharing original content like articles and videos to LinkedIn. Use your personal account to find a community and start engaging with your connections.

3. Sharing videos everywhere. As we saw in 2017, video continues to be on trend.

People love watching them when they’re engaging and easy to digest. Make sure your content is optimized for both vertical and horizontal viewing (and that you choose the correct one for each platform). Don’t forget captions to ensure your video can be watched with or without sound.

4. Use more raw video. With the continued ride of stories and livestreaming across platforms, raw video is becoming more desirable because of its relatable feel.

While heavily edited, professional looking videos are still very important and can do wonders for your brand, raw video is starting to have its own place. Post to Instagram and Snapchat with unedited content, like office happenings, event set up, and more. Share a time-lapse of your office decorating for the holidays. Make a livestream sharing a quick tip related to your business.

Engage with viewers who engage with you. When people comment on your livestream, mention their username in your reply. Respond to messages people send in response to your stories.

5. Engage on a one-to-one level. Social media is largely moving away from being a space for one-to-many conversations.

Use tools like Twitter and DMs across channels to facilitate one-to-one conversations. Respond to comments on posts whenever possible. Use Facebook Messenger bots where applicable to make sure the people you’re engaging with feel like they’re having a personal connection.

Wrap Up

Social media is an ever-changing terrain that can be difficult to manage, but remains an important part of your business’s overall marketing strategy. Attach yourself to trends when you can but continue to explore and innovate, 2019’s trends might happen by your doing.

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