Keeping Your Audience Engaged Online

Engagement tends to be the best way to measure the success of your digital content. Let’s understand how you can drive engagement online to ensure success.

Ask your audience questions relevant to your brand- or not. Either way, people enjoy sharing their opinion. Most platforms give you the ability to build polls into your posts, but you can also ask a question and encourage your audience to answer in the comments, giving them the opportunity to further discuss their answer & engage with other members of your audience.

Try to start conversations with the comments posted so they feel heard and are given additional opportunities to interact.

Talk about internal happenings at your company for the day- maybe you’re going out to meet with a customer or going to a local event. You can also host a webinar and teach your audience something relevant to your industry, which is also a good opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader. If you’re going to or hosting an event, livestreaming is a great way to provide access to people who wouldn’t normally be able to attend.

Livestreaming opens a window to your business and lets your audience feel like they’re a part of your happenings.

Infographics are a great way to share a lot of data visually. These are eye catching on social feeds- especially if you create an animated GIF with subtle movement- and people are 30 times more likely to read infographics than a text-only article.

Motivational quotes are a nice pick me up throughout the day for your audience. They can be overdone and often get some flack, but when done tastefully and not in excess, people enjoy them. They’re easy for your audience to reshare AND it’s an easy way to make sure you always have something to share on Monday! #MotivationMonday

(PS I love using Canva to make these. It’s super easy and I can make a template)

The opportunity to get their image published is often reward enough for your audience to share and tag photos with your product. When their image gets posted they are almost guaranteed to not only like it, but to also share it with all their friends so they like it too.

Past that engagement, people are more likely to connect & trust content coming from people they relate to, rather than a company just trying to push their own services.

Hashtag games on Twitter can be a great way to get exposed to audiences who would not normally see your content. They also provide an opportunity to showcase the human side of your brand and incorporate humor.

While you might not always be able to respond to a trending hashtag with something relevant to your business, try to think of your audience and what their response would be.

Like pictures, but better, GIFs are a great opportunity to incorporate some humor into your strategy and make some pop culture references. The movement will also help you grab your audience’s attention in the already-over-stimulating-landscape of social media.

Wrap Up

There’s a clear pattern here: online, audiences are more keen to engage with content when there’s a digital element involved or an additional way to meaningfully interact that they don’t normally have.

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