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How to Close More Deals with Account-Based Marketing

Are you tired of bland, blanket marketing messaging? If you are, your audience likely is too. Instead of sending watered-down emails out to a large list, account-based marketing could be your key to closing more deals.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a highly effective, hyper-targeted strategy for reaching out to prospects. While you should always tailor your messaging based on the persona and funnel stage you’re sending to, ABM takes it a step further by focusing on specific accounts and contacts.

I’m going to explore how you can get started using ABM strategies to improve your close rate.

Know your audience.

Personas and the buyers’ journey are a great place to start, but dig even deeper here. Consider that individual’s challenges, questions, and pain points. Think about their day-to-day life — do they spend lots of time in meetings? on the road selling? sifting through emails?––and incorporate into your messaging.

Think about how your audience would talk and how they want to be spoken to. You wouldn’t talk to a senior attorney the same way you’d talk to a social media intern, so don’t market to them the same. In emails, incorporate personalization tokens such as the contact’s first name, company name, industry, or location. Your content should be hyper-personalized, demonstrate a deep understanding of your audience, and make your reader feel like you’re talking only to them.

Provide real value.

Even though you’re being hyper-targeted in your messaging, it’s not an excuse to go straight to selling! You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date and you definitely shouldn’t ask someone to buy from you on the first interaction.

Thankfully, you should have a pretty good idea of what your audience cares about. Share educational resources that help your audience accomplish their goals or do their job better. Great examples of valuable resources include ebooks, checklists, templates, and video guides.

You can then reach out and ask if they appreciated the resource or have further questions, then continue to reach out and nurture the lead. As you provide content further down the funnel and continue to learn more, you can start approaching more sales-oriented messaging.

Build a great list.

You put all this effort into crafting and sending the perfect email, only to have your inbox flood with “undeliverable” messages. While a handful of “out of office” replies should be expected, a good list will still have a high deliverability rate.

Purchased lists are typically outdated or just inaccurate and one of the best ways to avoid an awful list is to build it yourself. Start by developing a list of the top 30–50 companies you want to reach out to. Then go to their website and LinkedIn to find contacts in the right roles. While you won’t always be able to find an email, sending a connection request on LinkedIn, then following up a few days with a private message is a great alternative.

Start closing more deals.

Account-based marketing can be incorporated into any campaign you run. Once you have the list of your top prospects, create targeted messaging for that audience, in addition to any general messaging you plan to send out.

Remember that providing value is still key and you want to avoid sales-oriented messaging until the lead has been warmed up.

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